An incorrigible optimist, a life long learner with an unflinching belief that 'I am because we are'

Pinaki Ganguly has spent most of his cherished days in the City of Genius – Kolkata, India. He has travelled globally and has lived in major cities like Amsterdam, Houston, San Francisco, New York, Dallas etc. Pinaki currently lives with his family in London.

Pinaki’s first book titled – ‘God, Science, and Reality’, sub-titled – ‘Audacity of Reason and Tenacity of Truth’, published in 2012 have been very highly appreciated by intelligentsia for its unique linguistic approach in uniting the shores of modern science (quantum physic, string theory) and spirituality; the book currently resident of all major world libraries. Like British Library London, The Library of Congress, Washington, DC, Harvard University, Yale University, UC Barkley University, Princeton University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Duke University to name a few. Pinaki has published paper in US Journal named Scientific God, article based on Quantum Mechanics – Higgs Boson and Gravity, and its suspected reference in Indian mythology as Rishi Bhrigu, article title Bhrigu- The God of God Particle.

Pinaki has till date 3 Amazon Publications. His first book of poetry published in 2018 was titled “Lonely Sidewalk”. He has two Amazon publications in Information Technology domain – “The Economy of Hyper-Connection” and “TIES Model- Selling in Digital Age”. Pinaki has penned over 400 poems till date along with various essays some of which are available on this personal blog – Portal-To-Pinaki.

Pinaki has a host of upcoming works which spans from fast paced thriller, to non-fiction, and romance novels besides his ongoing obsession with poetry. Nearing completion is his next book named “Code Name One” is a thriller intertwining the lives of three Abrahams from history, One World Order, with Secret Societies fighting for supremacy. A parallel project, which is non-fiction based on the Indian epic Ramayana, titled “Ramrajya – the war between Dasaratha and Dasannan” decoding the Sanskrit text for fresh interpretations. The third in the pipeline is titled Magical Love – when Jim and Della met the backstory of Gift of the Magi and the politics of colonial India with O. Henry’s life superimposed on their lives.

Pinaki is by profession an Associate Vice President in one of the top 10 Indian IT firms where he is the Head of Europe for Automation and Artificial Intelligence. He had worked form major global corporations such as Tata Motors, IBM, Fujitsu, and Mphasis in his 20 years career. It would suffice to say that Pinaki does not carry any affiliation of scientific, religious or political institution.